A visit to Naggar and its surroundings.

Want to share with you all about a visit to Naggar Village with my friends in the month of April.

Naggar is a beautiful village 21 Km from famous tourist attraction Manali at an altitude of 1800 mts.

It was a beautiful Sunday Morning and we decided to have a break from our daily hectic and monotonous schedule. We drove to Naggar which is a place famous for many things like  Naggar Castle,a seat for Kullu kings some 500 years old ,World famous Russian painter and philosopher Nicholas Roerich Art gallery and Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute besides the panoramic 180 view one can enjoy while in Naggar and its surroundings.

Our first stop was the Roerich Art Gallery,after purchasing the entry tickets from the ticket counter,we visited his 2 floor house where one can imagine about the living style of Roerich with his wife Helena.Their bed room, dining table with crockery ,writing table, dressing table  all are displayed untouched. Captured some beautiful photographs.Then we moved down to ground floor where Nicholas Roerich’s love for Himalayas can be easily observed through his paintings .Adjacent to the house is his car displayed over there. The compound is so beautiful with flowers and climbers growing all around. We also visited the gallery in the memory of his wife. Nearby few meters down one can visit the place Nicholas Samadhi,the place where his body was buried after his death.

Our 2nd stop was Naggar Castle,a beautiful art of architecture where we can observe the structure of rocks and sleepers which is a earth quake resistant  structure. Were moved and  mesmerized by the view from that palace. We captured many memorable photographs and  videos.

It was time to have a break,and we decided to taste some local cuisine.Inside the castle there is a restaurant which is being run by HPTDC since 1978 we ordered the famous brown rice with local vegetable called as Kasrod along with local Rajma,such a relaxing place with great music and a balcony overlooking the valley as well as the lush green deodar forest .After the Lunch, we ordered lemon tea full of flavors as the place was .We felt like regaining our energy.

It was 3 Pm and we decided to visit Urusvati Himalayan Institute  and museum .It a place just 5-10 minute uphill walk from Roerich house.Nicholas Roerich being a philosopher besides a world renowned painter had established a lab for research purposes  where he invited  scientists for research purposes. He believes in the cultural pattern with scientific frontiers in expanding horizons. Adjacent to the Institute his beautiful paintings and other interesting antiques are displayed in a two stored museum.

It was 5 Pm,the closing time we decided to roam around ,had some photographs and visited nearby apple orchards. Luckily, it was flowering time and we enjoyed a lot and ended our tour with some special  and everlasting memories.

Here, would like to mention that Monday is a close day for Roerich Art Gallery. And I am sure if you visit the place in future, you will be tempted to visit again and again. Thank you, have a great time.

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