Rohtang Pass -Natures perfect spectacle

Rohtang is a high mountain pass in the eastern Pir Panchal range some 51 Kms from Manali town at an altitude of 13050 Ft. It is considered as a natural divider of Kullu and Lahul Sapiti districts of Himachal Pradesh, in respect of climate, flora and religion.

It was a lovely morning with the sun in its brightest form in the month of July, I and my family decided to visit Rohtang Pass as we were near Kullu about 30 Kms from Manali on that day. We hired a taxi and started our trip at around 10:30 in the morning. Our first halt was at Gulaba, where authorities used to check vehicles for their NGT passes. We decided to take a break until our vehicle is cleared from the checking queue. We were delighted to see a group of bikers comprising middle-aged men and women on their way back to Chandigarh from Leh as the road also connects Manali with Leh via Lahul and Spiti. We all were charged up and were looking forward to a thrilling experience once at Rohtang top.

It nearly took  3 hours to reach the place and the first feeling being near the pass was when we reached a place with 5 to 7 feet snow walls on both sides of the wall, many waterfalls in between. It was so cool and we decided to wear our woollens, It was a breathtaking experience and we decided to capture the moments.

Finally, we reached the place where our driver stopped the car and guided us to cover a distance of nearly .5 Km on foot. Took a stick on hire for my Mom and start climbing the peak. Wow, what a mesmerizing and majestic look it was. After 15 minutes uphill walk we reached a place where we decided to halt. It was so exciting and enchanting that we were all spellbound. We started capturing the moments on all sides and enjoying nature’s beauty in its purest form.

After some time, we decided to have our packed lunch and the dining table for the day was small rocks surrounded by tiny purple wildflowers. It was an experience never before. At that spot, we also enjoyed the sun as the place was clear of fog.

From Rohtang pass one can enjoy the enchanting sights of snow covered peaks, dancing down clouds which amaze every nature lover.

After spending few hours at this breathtaking place, we decided to drive down, on our way back we stopped at Beas Kund which is the origin of River Beas, the river which rises in the Himalayas in central Himachal Pradesh and flows for some 470 Kms to Sutlej river in Punjab.

So, I want to recommend this place to one and all and believe me, the place will hypnotize you for sure. In my recent past, I have never seen a place like Rohtang Pass which rejuvenates one and all and the memories are such you can’t fade them away so easily for years and years to come. Never miss NGT pass whenever you plan to visit Rohtang.Ref.




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